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October News

Mystery & Makeup!

Join Be. Massage October 29!!

Looking for a little spooky fun this Halloween Season? Grab your makeup kit & your mirror and come on over to Be. Massage for a free contouring class! We'll listen to a spooky true crime (with a mostly happy ending) while we learn how to achieve a Red Carpet Look just in time for the holidays!

Don't even know what that is? Don't know if you have the makeup to do it? It's easier than you think. It's applying makeup on your face in a way that makes your best features pop while minimizing the things you're not excited about showing off. You really don't need fancy or expensive makeup and we're not selling you anything - even the class is free. What you do need to bring is a hand held mirror, a makeup brush for blending & your usual makeup kit. If you have a contour pallet, GREAT! Bring that! If you don't, or don't even know what that is, just pick up an eyeshadow pallet in shades of cream, tan, bronze & brown. Please call or text to reserve your spot, class size is limited to six. 319-224-0225

October Product Recommendations

I love my Urban Decay Shape Shifter Contouring Pallet. This is my go-to for any time I know photos are going to be taken - even if they're just selfies! I know I just said you don't need a contour pallet to create a contoured look, and in my class I'll show you how to achieve the look with whatever you brought...but it certainly is easier if you have one.

This is the brand of pumpkin seed oil I use to apply extra magnesium to your skin. It helps repair tired & damaged soft tissue, reduce inflammation and is wonderful on the face overnight. Give it a try during a session or get a bottle for yourself!

Cranberry Seed oil is great for dry, irritated skin. It reduces inflammation, helps reduce appearance of rosacea and is a good source of Omega 3 oils along with 6 fatty acids to help thicken the protective barrier of the skin and keep it healthy all winter long. Great on hands & feet. Ask for this during your massage or get a bottle for yourself!

I'm an amazon affiliate, so I've posted the amazon link here to make it easy for you to find. And, if you click on the link or buy the product I may benefit. It doesn't increase your price, it's the same if you get it here through my link as if you searched for it directly from amazon, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you used my link!

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