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Merry Christmas from Be. Massage Therapy!

Merry Christmas To You!

Be. Massage hopes your year has been filled with blessings and that this season brings enough love and laughter to sustain you through the new year. Thank you for being part of the Be. Massage Family. To show our appreciation, we've added two specials in addition to the incredible deals already going on.

  • 4-Handed Massage for $100 - There less than 5 left of this deal. Be generous with yourself and allow yourself this incredible experience. Imagine 4 hands, 2 licensed massage therapists, 1 of you & 60 minutes of body melting bliss! That's right, Two experienced LMTs use their therapeutic techniques to bring you to the deepest relaxation of your life*.

  • Peppermint Pedi for $30 - How 'bout stuffing your stockings with pampered feet this season? Tired feet receive a nourishing lotion of wintry oils. They are wrapped in steamed towels to open pores & prepare the foot for exfoliation. The foot is gently massaged with crystals of sea salt until they are silky smooth. Reflexology & stretching is preformed opening & lengthening feet & ankles. A finishing application of peppermint & wintry oils will leave your feet feeling refreshed and invigorated.

  • All Packages and Classic Bodywork massages are on sale starting at $30

  • Winter Wonderland Signature Spa Service $49 - Winter Wonderland will refresh your body with an invigorating massage followed by foot and scalp treatment. Peppermint, wintergreen and other wintry scents will tingle your skin, reawakening tired muscles. Gentle stretching and therapeutic pressure is used to lengthen and realign your muscles. Revive your body while candy cane scents leave you feeling like a kid again.

  • Fireside Delight Signature Spa Service $49 - Fireside Delight is as warm and relaxing as it sounds. Rolling massage movements warm your muscles with the spicy fragrance of bergamot, clove & the smoky notes of cedar wood. You are cocooned in warmth while steamed towels melt you into a deep relaxation. Knots are kneaded. Nurturing hands wring the tension out of you. Be soothed and grounded by the steady pressure of your therapists hands.

*Disclaimer: Relaxation is a relative experience and we cannot guarantee it will be the deepest of your life but we can guarantee if you melt into a metaphorical puddle of goo and slide off the table, it will be messy. We will call an Uber ride for you as you will be in no condition to drive home if this happens.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season this year! With gratitude, Melissa Pence-Antcliff, LMT Be. Massage Therapy 319-224-0225

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