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In a Relationship With Collagen - It's Long-Term!

Younger looking skin? Strong bones and nails? Pain-free joints? Yes Please! To all of them! These are some of the claims made by manufacturers of collagen supplements throughout the health industry. But is it worth all the hype? And what even is Collagen?

Well, collagen is the primary protein in the skin and other connective tissue. It's responsible for that dewy looking youthful glow, skin elasticity, strong bones and healthy connective tissue. Sadly, as we age, our body doesn't produce collagen as quickly as we use it. Nor is it easy to absorb in it's long protein strands. That's where better living through chemistry comes in.

Hydrolyzed collagen - the kind found in supplements - (known as collagen peptides) are much shorter protein chains that are easier for your body to absorb. I started taking collagen over a year ago and have experienced benefits beyond the typical beauty industry hype. I began taking it for swelling joints. As an LMT, I'm pretty hard on my body and sometimes in the morning, I'd wake and my hands would just throb like I suffered from arthritis. I'm pleased to report the collagen took that throbbing away.

What else have I noticed? Well, I noticed I had less tummy aches, less waking up in the middle of the night with a "sour" stomach. I wasn't expecting this side effect and when I did a little research I discovered it was all over the internet as a home remedy for IBS and Leaky Gut Symptoms. Neither of these were conditions I'd ever been diagnosed with but some of the symptoms overlapped. This, for me was HUGE. I cannot adequately describe the difference it made in my life. For the first time since before I was pregnant, my tummy felt tame. I didn't have to resign myself to a lifetime of antacids and trying one dietary change after another when one mysteriously stopped working. For that reason alone, I'm happily committed to taking collagen.

As for the youthful skin, stronger nails, bones and muscle tissue...Well, I guess it's hard for me to say. What we do know is that collagen is produced in a deeper level of the skin, the dermis, and because of that it's very hard for topical creams containing collagen or supporting it's production to penetrate deeply enough make an impact. For this reason, it's better to nourish the body from the inside out. And according to an article published in The New York Times* the evidence - while still preliminary in studies - shows promise. As for me, I'm a believer.

I take two types of collagen. I started with COCOFLY's Collagen 5-Bloom. The pills are easy to take, they don't have a funny taste or texture like other brands I've tried. They also contain Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and black pepper extract to help support joint mobility, skin elasticity, stronger hair and nails and boost your body's own collagen production.

I sent out an email earlier this month saying I'm an amazon affiliate, so I've posted the amazon link here to make it easy for you to find. And, if you click on the link or buy the product I may benefit. It doesn't increase your price, it's the same if you get it here through my link as if you searched for it directly from amazon, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you used my link!

I said that I take two types of collagen. The other is a liquid "shot" of collagen that was first recommended to me by the physical therapist at my OB's office. I was sharing with her the remarkable progress I was having rehabilitating overuse syndrome on my right shoulder vs. a year ago when I experienced the same injury with my left shoulder and attributed it to the collagen supplement I was taking. She shared an anecdotal story with me about a patient who experienced similar results taking n* by Nutrilite Collagen Shots.

She didn't sell the product, but she knew someone who did. I tried the product for a month and fell in love. I actually believe in it so much that I signed up to be able to sell it myself, so I've placed the link here for you on the left. Again, if you purchase the product, I will benefit...but so will you!

What are your collagen stories, or other supplements that changed your life. I'd love to hear about them the next time I see you, or on my facebook page!

*The New York Times reference as of 8/16/21:

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