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Accomplish a LOT in 15 Minutes

Be. Massage Therapy can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes and can nearly always fit in a 15 minute massage the same day. This is the perfect option for a quick fix on your lunch break or after a long day on your feet! Most of these massages are fully clothed and lotion free. What can we help you with today?

Upper Body Relaxation: Capable hands ground and anchor you while wringing the tension from layers of muscle tissue in your neck, shoulders & scalp in this Swedish-based massage. Gentle stretching opens your muscles, refreshing you for your work day.

15 Minute Fix: This is a great choice if you’re on your feet all day. Gentle stretching & rocking motions combine with firm compression & pinpoint pressure in this neuromuscular based bodywork. Starting face down on the table, your body unwinds from top to bottom from your shoulders to your ankles. The massage finishes with your neck & arms while you’re face up.

Happy Feet: Alternating pressures are applied to the feet to promote relaxation in this classic reflexology massage. Fun fact: Reflexology - the idea that the body is represented neurochemically on the feet - is the most scientifically documented and extensively researched of all massage practices!

Trouble Spots: You know where it hurts. You tell us where you want us to work. Wrist pain? Lower back aches? Stabbing headache? We can help.

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